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Saturday, May 02, 2009

What can a brand tell you about the person who uses it?

What can a brand tell you about the person who uses it?
im doing a research about being a brand-conscious consumer.. thanks!

Posted on Yahoo Answers May 2, 2009 2:53pm

My answer...

Branding is the goal of associating a trademark or name to some emotion or attribute.

There are companies who develop brands and then stick these brands to as many products as possible to maximize the brand appeal.

If a person consistently buys a brand, whatever the product, then that person must believe in the brand's claimed attribute. Maybe the brand is trying to show that it is trustworthy so no matter what product they sell, you can trust that it is what it's claimed to be.

Some brands portray luxury and exclusivity like Gucci or Louis Vitton. Buyers of these brands then must like being part of an exlusive group. The feeling "I'm in and you're not" must really appeal to them. Another example is Nike. Nike associates itself to sports leaders and performance gears. So buyers of Nike either like the performance aspect of the product or they dream to be as good as the sports champions.

To learn more of the brand-conscious consumer, you should study first the brand and then the consumer type. Remember, the consumer may be categorized according to their disposable income, by their hobbies, by their sex, and more. Correlate the attributes of the brand to the specific type of consumer and you'll see how branding works its magic.

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