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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Can someone live truly teach me how to make money from home?

Can someone live truly teach me how to make money from home? Affiliate marketing, Forex, or something works?

Hi, I am Scott and lives in Chino, CA.

I am also a young 32-yrs-old Chapter president of a Christian organization name Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship. I am a chapter president not because I am a successful businessman, it's only bcs I have a strong desire to spread the Gospel.

A 9-5 job would tied (sic) me up from what I am trying to achieve with this organization. My chapter is consistently bringing souls to Christ and I want to set up many more chapters like this.

Can someone truly teach me how to make money from home? I don't mind giving back a portion of what I earn to you if you are my trainer, but please don't offer me any MLM stuffs (tho I have nothing against MLM, it's just not what I am looking for now).

Another reason why I am asking for help is that I might move back to Taiwan in 2~3 years to allow my sons to go through elementary school to learn Chinese and heritages. I need something that would allow me to generate income online. And may be build a few more chapters there.

I am not really looking into making big money. If 3 hours a day would allow me to generate $3,000 a month, that would be enough. I live very foogle (sic).

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My answer...

The easiest way to make money over the internet is to sell goods to the world.

Sell something that is turly unique to Chino, Ca. This way, the whole world can have access to your products and order from you.

Another suggestion is you can use the website as your store. Make it your cashier stand. You can buy or sell basic goods and sell it through the internet. Just make sure you sell it cheaper or else people will just buy from the office supply store.

You also mentioned that you already have a Christian organization. You can use this network to encourage them to order from you. Example: You can sell special stationeries (that can only be found in USA) and sell them to Taiwan. Your friends there are happy and you're happy.

The internet is not a magic answer. You will have to work on the business as well. If you just plan to work 3 hours a day, you'll only earn as much. The beauty of it though is you have a lower operating cost and thus you can either keep the savings or pass it on to your customers.

Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Never tire.



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