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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ways the high street shops could fight back and attract constumers?

Ways the high street shops could fight back and attract constumers?

The high street shops are closing down mainly because of internet shopping. how can the town counsil (sic) attract them back to avoid closing down the high street shops. I've got two ways: increase the number of self check outs and free parking or free buses.

any ideas?

Posted on Yahoo Answers, last week of April 2009

My answer...

The best way to help the high street shops are to promote service businesses. These are businesses that cannot be done over the internet. Examples are restaurants, beauty services, grooming services, massage parlors, car repair shops, etc..

You can use the usual tax perks, easy business registration processes, minimal government regulation to promote the birth of companies.

Another creative way is to make a town council-spearheaded activity that will encourage people to come to the town. Bring in the people to the town so they will be spending in the town.

In the Philippines, poor cities create their own local festivals. There's a mountain city called Baguio which created their own yearly flower festival every January. It just started ten years ago and now is a tourist attraction. The newspapers report on it because of the festive atmosphere and beautiful flower floats.

Make the festival newsworthy and make your place an attraction.

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